Powerful Minister

Mr. Del’s true mission is to impact the world greater than Hip Hop music ever could. As a minister of the Word and God’s anointed Hip Hop Apostle, Mr. Del's ministry appeals to all people, young and old. He uses unconventional, non-traditional ways to share the message of the Kingdom of God to an unchurched generation. Ministry followers all attest to him being genuine, saying that his transparency and his love for people draw them to him. He has firsthand knowledge of their pain, struggles and challenges; and because he has experienced triumph in His own life, he is able to share his personal testimony and lead by example.

When Mr. Del enters a room, he can change the atmosphere. He becomes just like water, shaping whatever he does, to wherever he is…in the pulpit or the streets to be able to effectively impact that environment. God has given him such influence that he can go somewhere people don’t know him and people make a life decision to get saved. Mr. Del gets excited by people hearing the Word and being so moved to tears that they give their lives to Christ.

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